Claire J Rottenberg, Baseball Fan

I'm a retired writer, editor, educator, and researcher and I enjoy developing websites and blogs on my hobbies and passions. I have several websites on baseball, Mac computers, and Broadway and movie musicals.

I grew up in New York City in the days of the New York Yankees, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the New York Giants, and in my teen years, the New York Mets. My dad was a huge baseball fan and he taught me to love the game from a very early age. Although my favorite team now is the New York Yankees, I enjoy watching good games no matter which teams are playing.

I have four baseball sites. One site has detailed information on the history of each team and another site has information and statistics on every major league player in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I also have a site that has statistics and information on current major league players and managers. This site is updated before the start of each baseball season.

My newest site is a baseball news blog that is frequently updated all year long with the latest news on major league baseball players and teams. You can visit any of these sites by clicking on the links in the sidebar for the ones that most interest you.

To learn about my other interests and websites, visit my homepage at