Cleveland Indians

Michael Bourn, Center Field

Michael Bourn, this year's center fielder for the Cleveland Indians, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2003. He played in their minor league teams until September, 2006, when he was called up to play in 17 games with the Phillies. In 2007, he was primarily a backup left fielder for the Phillies, playing in 105 games and having just 119 at-bats. He batted .277 that season, with 33 hits and 18 stolen bases.

Nick Swisher, First Base

Nick Swisher, first baseman for the Cleveland Indians, was first drafted by the Oakland Athletics in 2002. After spending a couple of seasons in the minor leagues, Swisher was called up by the Athletics in 2004 for 20 games. In his 2005 rookie season, Swisher batted .236 with 109 hits, 32 doubles, and 21 home runs in 131 games.

Terry Francona, Manager

Terry Francona, the Cleveland Indians new manager, grew up in a baseball family, with a father who played major league baseball for the first 11 years of Terry's life. He followed in his father's footsteps and played baseball in high school and college. He was drafted in 1980 by the Montreal Expos and a year later was playing in the major leagues.