Category: News

Blogshelf II - News Magazine

Blogshelf, news magazine for iPad Blogshelf II is one of my favorite news magazines. The app is organized like a bookshelf and you can read the latest feeds from any customized book on your shelf. Books are created in the Subscribe section by choosing from preselected topics or using the search function to create personalized books of feeds. [read more ...]

Pocket - News Reader

Pocket, news reader for iPad Pocket is one of the most useful apps on my iPad. With Pocket I can have website articles stored and organized in one place for offline reading. Articles can be added to Pocket from many news readers, such as Blogshelf, Flipboard, or Zite, or from a web browser with a toolbar extension provided by the developers of Pocket. Once an article is loaded into Pocket, you can tag the article. To simplify the viewing of articles, Pocket can let you see just items with the tag you specify. [read more ...]