Blogshelf II - News Magazine

Review by: Claire J Rottenberg

Blogshelf, news magazine for iPad Blogshelf II is one of my favorite news magazines. The app is organized like a bookshelf and you can read the latest feeds from any customized book on your shelf. Books are created in the Subscribe section by choosing from preselected topics or using the search function to create personalized books of feeds.

One thing I like about Blogshelf is that articles that you've read disappear as soon as you close a book. That feature ensures that each time you open a book only new articles appear. Books with new articles are marked with a small red triangle in the upper right corner of the book so you know exactly which feeds have been updated since you last opened Blogshelf.

Another great feature of Blogshelf is its share function. Any article can be tweeted or sent to Pocket, another of my favorite apps (to be reviewed in a future post). Once the article is in Pocket, you can read it while offline. If you want to read a complete article in Blogshelf, you just need to click the title and the full article will be loaded onto the book page.

If you want a customizable news reader with a clean, easy-to-read format and some nice extra features, like sending full articles to Pocket, give Blogshelf II a try. It's a free app and you can learn more about it and download it from the iPad App store.