Flower Garden

Review by: Claire J Rottenberg

Flower Garden, virtual flowers for iPad Flower Garden is exactly what the title indicates, a virtual flower garden. You start with one set of flower pots and several packets of seeds in the free version of the app. Additional sets of pots and seeds can be purchased for $.99 each or you can earn credits to purchase them by planting flowers and sending bouquets to your friends. The app has three types of flower gardens and pots (greenhouse, outdoors, and secret) and 5 sets of seeds (Common Seeds, Seeds of Love, Seeds of Gratitude, Seeds of Joy, and Seeds of Winter) that you can purchase. The paid version of the app includes a full set of pots and 20 packets of seeds for $1.99.

To plant seeds, you select a pot and then the seed packet you want for that pot. Caring for your flowers includes watering them and cutting them for bouquets. If you want your flowers to grow quickly, you can add fertilizer which can be purchased with money or with credits. The app even includes an option for putting your flowers in vacation mode so they won't dry out while you're away from your iPad.

Flower Garden is a delightful virtualization app that can provide you with hours of creative fun as you plan and design beautiful bouquets. Your friends will benefit, too, from all the lovely bouquets you email to them. It's the perfect way to send flowers to the special people in your life or for those special occasions that are enhanced by bouquets of gorgeous homegrown flowers.

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