MLB Home Run Derby

Review by: Claire J Rottenberg

MLB Home Run Derby game for iPad Since tonight is the MLB Home Run Derby, I thought I'd review the game of the same name from Although the basic game is free, to really do well with the game, you need to be an excellent hitter or purchase in-app money for powerups. I have to admit I'm not very good at the game and I didn't want to invest money in it, but I still find it fun to play.

You start the game with enough money to buy a player and I chose Nick Swisher. Once you have your player, you can choose to play in single player mode or play an online multiplayer game using either your Facebook or MLB account. I've only played in single player mode so that's what I'll briefly describe.

As a single player, you have the choice of two games - the derby game or an arcade game. The goal of the derby game is to hit as many home runs as you can in ten tries. If your player finishes first, second, third, or fourth after a round, you earn game dollars that can be used to buy powerups (for example, a stronger bat). I found it difficult to hit home runs without purchasing powerups and in the derby game, you earn no coins or dollars for hits that are not home runs.

The arcade game is timed and the goal is to get as many hits and home runs as possible in one minute. In this game, you can earn coins for hits, even if they are not home runs, but powerups are expensive so it can take a very long time until you earn enough coins.

The basic game is fun but don't expect to hit many home runs unless you have a great eye and figure out how to hit the ball out of the park. Still, MLB Home Run Derby is a good way to relax with a graphically beautiful game.

To see the game in action, watch David Wright of the New York Mets and captain of the National League team challenge American League captain Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees with MLB Home Run Derby for the iPad in this entertaining video from MLB.