The Dark Hills of Cherai

Type:  Interactive Hidden Object Game
Developer:  Chayowo Games
Download Link: Big Fish Games
Walkthrough Introduction scene in game The Dark Hills of Cherai Description

"The Dark Hills of Cherai" is an interactive hidden object game that provides plenty of variety. You have four options for gameplay: Relaxed Easy (in-game help and untimed), Relaxed Advanced (no in-game help, untimed), Timed Easy (in-game help, timed), and Timed Advanced (no in-game help, timed). The timed versions of the game are based on the total time the game is played rather than on limiting the time available for gameplay.

The game begins with an introduction to the story of the community of Cherai and one of its main residents named Wyatt. You try to solve the mystery of Cherai by taking the parts of three cousins. You start as Tara who is searching for her cousin who went to Wyatt's house. The other cousins, Rahul and Maya, appear later in the game. Cousins scene in game The Dark Hills of Cherai The game has hidden object scenes that usually have twelve items that you need to find. There is a mixture of contextual items and junk pile items. Most of the objects are moderately easy to find. In some hidden object scenes, you have to activate amulets to complete the scene and clear the area. Rechargeable hints are available for the hidden object scenes but there is a long recharge time. Hidden objects scene in The Dark Hills of Cherai In addition to hidden object scenes, "The Dark Hills of Cherai" has many different kinds of puzzles. Some of these are very easy. In some cases, the instructions for the puzzles are more complicated than the puzzles. All of the puzzles can be skipped. Puzzle scene in game The Dark Hills of Cherai Although the game consists of mostly hidden object scenes and puzzles, some scenes require using inventory items. In some cases, you need to go to a meeting place to get needed items from the other cousins. However, you can't go to the meeting place until you find the path to it for each character. This can be tricky and you need to check the sides of the screen at each location to find the path to the meeting place. This meeting place, where the three cousins exchange objects, makes for unique gameplay. One shortcoming of this feature, however, is that you need to make three or four moves to get back to your original location from the meeting place. Meeting place in the game The Dark Hills of Cherai Some scenes in "The Dark Hills of Cherai" have colorful graphics while others have dark, drab graphics which could be sharper. In spite of this limitation, the game has an interesting storyline and enough game variety to keep most game players happily engaged for several hours.