Love & Death: Bitten

Review by: Claire J Rottenberg

Type:  Adventure/Hidden Object Game
Developer:  PlayFirst
Download Link: Big Fish Games
Walkthrough Introduction to game Love & Death: Bitten Description

"Love & Death: Bitten" is a combination adventure and hidden object game about vampires. The game begins with a short written and spoken dialogue about Damon who is being held captive by a vampire witch. You play the game as Victoria, a young woman who tries to free Damon from the witch's clutches. Story scene for game Love & Death: Bitten The game is mostly hidden object scenes and exploratory scenes, with only a few puzzles to solve. In addition to finding items in hidden object scenes, you need to collect 100 golden leaves to complete the game. The leaves can be found in both exploratory areas and in hidden object scenes. This is a relatively easy task since there are more than 100 leaves in the game. Leaves scene for game Love & Death: Bitten The hidden object scenes are moderately easy although a few items in most scenes are well hidden. The scenes consist of mostly contextual items. There are usually 12 items to find in each hidden object scene. Some hidden object scenes are slightly blurry, in contrast with the sharp, clear graphics in the rest of the game. Quick rechargeable hints are available for the hidden object scenes. Hidden objects scene for game Love & Death: Bitten The game's puzzles are relatively easy. There are some different types of puzzles, such as a Sudoku type puzzle and a maze puzzle. Puzzles can be skipped but it takes a few minutes for the skip button to charge. Puzzle scene for game Love & Death: Bitten Although there is a map to view, you can't use it to jump from one location to another. However, hints are helpful in exploring in some areas as they point out missed items but, unfortunately, they are not helpful in all areas. Map scene for game Love & Death: Bitten "Love & Death: Bitten" is an engaging game with an intriguing and captivating story. The game is of medium length, with seven long chapters. The spoken dialogue, with appropriate voices and acting adds to the enjoyment of the game. Only the heroine's acting is not good. Dialogue scene for game Love & Death: Bitten The game's graphics are beautiful as are the hero and heroine. The graphics are sharp, clear and brightly colored. Graphics scene for game Love & Death: Bitten This is a good game for anyone who enjoys adventure type games with hidden object scenes, not too many puzzles, outstanding graphics, and a good story.