Monopoly: Here & Now

Review by: Claire J Rottenberg

Type:  Board Game
Developer:  Hasbro/Electronic Arts
Download Link: Mac Game Store Introduction to game Monopoly: Here & Now Description

"Monopoly Here & Now" is a modern version of the classic game most of us played while growing up and learning about life. The game was in need of a financial update and this is just the twist given to this new version. Properties have been changed to actual places in the US (e.g., Disney World, Times Square, Texas Stadium) and values have been adjusted to reflect today's property values. For example, Times Square, the modern Boardwalk, costs 4 million dollars instead of Boardwalk's $400. Salaries and taxes, too, have been adjusted with default values of 2 million dollars each. Game board in game Monopoly: Here & Now This new version of Monopoly uses some of the familiar tokens of the original game, such as the shoe and the car, but it also adds some modern ones, including a cellphone and a computer. Tokens in game Monopoly: Here & Now The old railroads, too, have been updated to four airports (O'Hare, Hartsfield, JFK, and LA) and Chance and Community Chest cards reflect modern circumstances (for example, one is sent to jail for insider trading). Airport in game Monopoly: Here & Now Game play is possible for several human players or you can play against computer players. A computer player can have one of three levels, Beginner, Entrepreneur or Tycoon, so, unless you are a master Monopoly player, there is probably a computer opponent that can challenge you, while still giving you a chance to win. Computer players, even tycoons, do not always make the wisest choices (for example, they might accept less than perfect trades) so it is possible to win even against the best computer player. If you want, you can customize standard Monopoly rules, such as salary levels and building and auction options. Customization in game Monopoly: Here & Now One weakness of the game is that although the graphics used for the new game are cute, they can slow the game to a crawl on an older, slower Mac with less RAM. You can turn off viewing of computer moves but not your own moves, so the speed benefit is minimal. Repeatedly hitting the spacebar is the only way to move a bit quicker through a turn.

If you enjoy Monopoly, you might want to try "Monopoly Here & Now" for an enjoyable change of pace with an old, familiar game.