Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Cast

Howard Keel:Adam Pontipee

Jane Powell:Milly Pontipee

Russ Tamblyn:Gideon Pontipee


The cast of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" included many talented singers and/or dancers, including the leads, Jane Powell and Howard Keel. Four of the brothers were professional dancers, one was a world-class gymnast (Russ Tamblyn), and one was an actor on contract to the studio (Jeff Richards). The brides, also, were played by professional singers and dancers and two, Julie Newmar and Ruta Lee, eventually went on to successful movie and television careers.

Jane Powell(1929-)

Jane Powell was born Suzanne Lorraine Burce in Oregon in 1929. She started singing and dancing as a child and sang on the radio in the early to mid-1940s.

Powell made her first movie at the age of 15. In "Song of the Open Road," her character's name was Jane Powell and M-G-M executives decided that this should become her professional name.

Powell starred in her first movie musical in 1946 ("Holiday in Mexico"). This was followed by four more films in the 1940s and 12 in the 1950s. Powell did not, however, make any more movies until 1999 when she appeared in "Picture This."

After Powell ended her film career, she moved to TV, concerts and road companies of musicals. In 1973, she replaced Debbie Reynolds on Broadway in the musical "Irene." Thirty-one years later, Powell appeared in the pre-Broadway musical, "Bounce," that, unfortunately, closed before getting to Broadway.

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