Oklahoma - DVD


Region Version Reviewed: Region 2 (PAL)

Release Date: 2004, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Length: 134 minutes

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Special Features:

English captioning for the hearing-impaired; no other special features on this DVD version

My Review:

The Region 2 DVD of "Oklahoma" is digitally enhanced but some sections are not enhanced well and they show the age of the film. This is especially true for close-up scenes of the main characters. In these scenes, the background shimmers and the colors fade in and out. The enhancement is better for the landscape scenes, such as the opening "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" scene. These scenes, in contrast, have bright, natural colors with a clearer and sharper picture.

This DVD version is, unfortunately, not a widescreen version and this is particularly disappointing with the dance numbers, such as "Kansas City" and "The Farmer and the Cowman."

The sound on the DVD is clear, but it could be louder, especially when it is viewed on a portable television set. The maximum loudness setting is needed and not all scenes have an equal level of volume.

Even with the deficiencies of the Region 2 DVD, watching "Oklahoma" is a delight. The music and dancing are exceptional and the acting is excellent. In addition, the storyline is interesting.

"Oklahoma" was the first long movie musical, lasting at least 30 minutes longer than most other musicals of the 1950s and earlier. However, the film is not too long, and, fortunately, none of the music from the Broadway play was eliminated in the movie version.