An American in Paris

Year: 1951

Studio: M-G-M

Screenplay: Alan Jay Lerner

Director: Vincente Minnelli

Choreographer: Gene Kelly


Brief Synopsis:

A struggling American artist, living in Paris, becomes involved with two women - a beautiful young woman with whom he falls in love and an older woman who wants to sponsor him. The beautiful young woman is involved with another man but, still, she falls in love with the artist. In the end, love prevails and there is a happy ending for the artist and his young woman. The movie is filled with music by George Gershwin and dancing and choreography by Gene Kelly.

Detailed Synopsis:

Gene Kelly plays Jerry Mulligan, a young American artist in Paris after WW II. While displaying his paintings on a sidewalk in Paris, he meets Milo Roberts (Nina Foch), a rich American socialite who is enchanted by Jerry's paintings or, more likely, Jerry. She offers to sponsor him and help him show his work to the best art dealers in Paris. At first, Jerry is reluctant but Milo convinces him that she is truly interested in his talent.

Milo and Jerry go out to dinner and, while at the restaurant, Jerry sees a lovely young French woman, Lise (Leslie Caron), who enchants him. Jerry boldly introduces himself to Lise and decides to pursue her even though she initially rejects him.

Lise, unknown to Jerry, is engaged to Henri Baurel, a French entertainer Jerry met through a mutual friend. Jerry and Lise continue to see each other, but Jerry also continues working with Milo without telling Lise about his relationship with Milo.

Henri receives an offer to perform in America and he wants Lise to marry him and go with him to the US. Although Lise is now in love with Jerry, she feels an obligation to Henri because he took care of her during WW II, so she agrees to marry him. Lise finally tells Jerry about her impending marriage to Henri and Jerry tells her about Milo and the two lovers part.

Lise and Jerry meet again at a party and they express their love for each other while Henri, not seen by Lise or Jerry, overhears their conversation. Lise leaves with Henri but, in the end, returns to Jerry.