Annie Get Your Gun

Year: 1950

Studio: M-G-M

Screenplay: Sidney Sheldon

Director: George Sidney
(Uncredited Directors: Busby Berkeley, Charles Walters)


Brief Synopsis:

"Annie Get Your Gun" is the fictionalized story of Annie Oakley's show business career and her romance with Frank Butler. The movie follows Annie from her first encounter with Frank to her rise to stardom in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Annie experiences ups and downs in her romance with Frank but, in the end, love wins.

The movie of "Annie Get Your Gun" was based on the 1946 Broadway play.

Detailed Synopsis:

While displaying marksman of the town to compete against the show's star, Frank Butler (Howard Keel). Annie Oakley (Betty Hutton) shows up and the town's hotel owner discovers that Annie is a sharpshooter. Annie agrees to participate in the shooting contest against Frank.

Annie then meets Frank and it's love at first sight for her but definitely not for Frank. Annie beats Frank in the contest and he is not impressed with her, but Buffalo Bill is and he hires Annie for his show.

As the show tours and Annie becomes a more polished and feminine/attractive looking performer, Frank finds himself falling in love with her. However, their romance ends when Annie's performance outshines Frank's and his ego can't take the competition. He leaves to join another show and Buffalo Bill takes his show, with Annie as the star, to Europe.

Buffalo Bill and his show troupe return to the US because they're losing money and Annie feels miserable without Frank. In the end, Frank and Annie are happily reunited.