The Pajama Game

Year: 1957

Studio: Warner Brothers

Screenplay: George Abbott and Richard Bissell

Director: George Abbott and Stanley Donen

Choreographer: Bob Fosse


Brief Synopsis:

The background for "The Pajama Game" is a labor dispute in a pajama factory. Amid this background is the love story of Babe, the factory employee who represents workers in union-management disputes, and Sid, the new manager of the factory. A secondary love story focuses on an executive secretary and her overly jealous boyfriend who is the factory foreman.

The highlights of "The Pajama Game" are the songs and the creative and distinctive choreography of Bob Fosse.

Detailed Synopsis:

John Raitt plays Sid Sorokin, the new manager at a pajama factory. Sid has a disagreement with a worker who then complains to Babe Williams (Doris Day), the head of the workers' grievance committee. Babe goes to see Sid and they are immediately attracted to each other, but Babe plays it cool and hard-to-get.

Hinesie (Eddie Foy, Jr.), the factory's foreman, is in love with Gladys Hotchkiss (Carol Haney), the factory owner's secretary. However, Hinesie's insane jealousy threatens his romantic relationship with Gladys.

Babe finally agrees to date Sid, but she is worried that their relationship will be hurt by the factory workers' dispute with the owner over a 7-1/2 cent raise that the workers want. When Babe sabotages a sewing machine to protest the boss' unwillingness to meet the union's demands, Sid fires Babe and their romance ends.

Sid wants to help Babe and their relationship so he works on getting a special key from Gladys. The key unlocks the boss' secret accounting files and, after Sid reads the files, he discovers that the owner has been cheating the workers. He uses the information to get the workers their raise and Babe forgives him.