Hello, Dolly!

Year: 1969

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox

Screenplay: Ernest Lehman

Director: Gene Kelly

Choreographer: Michael Kidd


Brief Synopsis:

"Hello Dolly" is a story of love and a matchmaker's (Dolly Levi) schemes to join three young couples. Dolly also plots her own romance with a rich, cantankerous merchant (Horace Vandergelder) who is the uncle of one of the young lovers and the boss of two of the others. The movie is filled with lively music and dancing.

Detailed Synopsis:

Horace Vandergelder (Walter Matthau) of Yonkers, New York, is a rich, but unhappy shop owner who has hired a matchmaker, Dolly Levi (Barbra Streisand), to find a wife for him. She fixed him up with Irene Molloy, an owner of a millinery shop in New York City and Horace decides to go to New York to ask Irene to marry him.

Horace has two workers in his store, Cornelius Hackl (Michael Crawford) and Barnaby Tucker, whom he treats badly. He pays them low wages and gives them no freedom. After Horace leaves for New York, Cornelius convinces Barnaby to go with him to New York for a day lived with adventure.

Ermengarde, Horace's niece and ward, wants to marry Ambrose, but Horace does not approve of him so he forbids them to marry. After Horace leaves for New York, Ermengarde and Ambrose decide to elope.

Just as Horace is leaving for New York, Dolly arrives in Yonkers. What Horace doesn't know is that Dolly is planning to trap him into marrying her. As soon as Horace leaves, Dolly puts her scheme into action. First, she arranges for Cornelius and Irene to meet, knowing that they will be attracted to each other. Next, she plans a way for Ambrose to make some money and show Horace that he is worthy of Ermengarde.

In the end, everything works out just as Dolly planned and Ermengarde marries Ambrose, Cornelius and Irene are together and Horace asks Dolly to marry him.