The Sound of Music

Year: 1965

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox

Screenplay: Ernest Lehman
(based on the book of the play by Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse)

Director: Robert Wise


Brief Synopsis:

"The Sound of Music" is the story of Maria, a young nun who is sent to be a governess to the seven Von Trapp children. Captain Von Trapp and his children are captivated by Maria and the joy and music she brings to the family, but their happy lives are changed forever by the invasion of the Nazis into Austria. The film focuses primarily on the relationship of Maria and the children amid the backdrop of late 1930s Austria.

Detailed Synopsis:

Maria (Julie Andrews) is a young nun who is sent by her monastery in Austria to the nearby home of the von Trapp family to serve as a governess for the seven von Trapp children. The children do not want a governess because they want their father's attention instead so they make life difficult for any governess their father, Captain von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), hires. Maria, however, is undaunted by the antics of the children and she soon gains their respect and affection. While the Captain is away on a trip, Maria teaches the children to sing and enjoy life.

The Captain returns home and he is overcome with emotion when the children sing for him, as it brings back memories of his deceased wife and the joy that the family had when she was alive. He is grateful to Maria for brining that joy back into his home.

A short while later, Maria realizes that she has fallen in love with the Captain, and he with her, and she goes back to the monastery. The Mother Superior, understanding the situation, talks with Maria and tells her that she must follow her heart.

After much soul-searching, Maria returns to the von Trapp family. She and the Captain express their love for each other and marry.

While the Captain and Maria are on their honeymoon, the Nazis, who have invaded Austria, send orders for Captain von Trapp to report to the Nazi command. A friend of the Captain's, Max, in the absence of the Captain and Maria, has arranged for the children to sing in a festival he is managing. When the Captain and Maria return, they realize that they must flee Austria and the Nazis and they use the performance at the festival as their opportunity to escape.