Year: 1981

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Screenplay: Carol Sobieski

Director: John Huston

Choreographer: Arlene Phillips


Brief Synopsis:

Annie lives in an orphanage that is run by an unscrupulous woman, Miss Hannigan, who drinks and likes men and money. Daddy Warbucks, a very influential millionaire, takes Annie to his home for a week and, charmed by her, he decides to adopt her. But Annie wants to wait for her real parents to come back for her, so Daddy Warbucks starts a campaign to find Annie’s parents. Miss Hannigan and her brother and his wife deceive Daddy Warbucks and they kidnap Annie. In the end, Annie and Daddy Warbucks are reunited and he adopts her.

Detailed Synopsis:

"Annie" begins in a girl’s orphanage with the girls singing “It’s a Hard Knocks Life” while cleaning the orphanage floors. Annie, one of the orphans, escapes from the orphanage and from the wicked Miss Hannigan, the man-crazy, alcoholic woman who manages the orphanage. Unfortunately, Annie gets caught and she is returned to Miss Hannigan. During her adventures while free, Annie found a dog, Sandy, and she and the other orphans smuggle him into the orphanage.

Shortly after Annie is returned to the orphanage, Grace, the secretary to millionaire Daddy Warbucks, comes to Miss Hannigan to find an orphan who can spend a week with Warbucks. Annie convinces Grace to select her and she and Sandy go with Grace to Warbucks’ mansion.

Annie charms everybody at the mansion, including Daddy Warbucks. Towards the end of Annie's week with Warbucks, Grace convinces him to adopt Annie. However, Annie refuses Warbucks' offer because she is waiting for her real parents to come back and claim her.

Warbucks starts a campaign to find Annie’s natural parents. Miss Hannigan's criminal brother, Rooster, hears about the search for Annie’s parents and he and his girlfriend, Lily, go to see Miss Hannigan. The three of them devise a plot to extort money from Warbucks. Rooster and Lily pose as Annie’s parents, using evidence that they find at the orphanage (the missing half of Annie’s locket). They get money from Warbucks and take Annie, with plans to ditch her.

Annie's friends from the orphanage learn about the Hannigans’ plans to harm Annie and they go to Warbucks and tell him that Annie is in danger. The police and Warbucks chase after the Hannigans and Rooster tries to kill Annie. In the end, Annie is saved and Daddy Warbucks adopts her.