Year: 2002

Studio: Miramax

Adapted Screenplay: Bill Condon

Director: Rob Marshall

Choreographer: Rob Marshall


Brief Synopsis:

It is Chicago in the 1920s and the story centers on two women who are in prison for committing murders. Roxie Hart murdered her lover and Velma Kelly murdered her sister and husband. Both women have a slick lawyer, Billy Flynn, who uses "razzle dazzle" with the press and the courts to free the women.

Detailed Synopsis:

"Chicago" takes place in the roaring 1920s, when crime was rampant in Chicago. The film starts with two murders. Velma Kelly, a nightclub entertainer has murdered her sister and husband after discovering that they were having an affair. While Velma is performing at the club, Roxie Hart murders her lover, Fred, when he decides to walk out on her. Roxie is married to Amos, who is hopelessly, and foolishly, in love with her. The police arrest both Velma and Roxie and they are sent to the same prison.

Velma has lived a bit and she has no trouble adjusting to prison life. She understands how the system works and she knows how to get what she needs. Roxie, on the other hand, is naive when she enters the prison, but, eventually, she, too, learns how to work the system.

Both Velma and Roxie have the same lawyer, smooth-talking Billy Flynn. Billy knows how to work the legal system and the media and all of his clients eventually gain their freedom. Velma and Roxie are no exceptions and both of them leave prison, cleared in court of the murder charges.

At the end of the film, Velma and Roxie team up and become a successful performing act.