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My Trip to Vienna

This section of the website features photos taken on my trip to Vienna with my mother in June, 2000. We spent a week in Vienna and saw most of the major sites.
Photo of Stephansdom cathedral in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is known, of course, for its wonderful food, but it is also remarkable for its fantastic architecture. The picture above displays the Gothic architecture of the Stephansdom, with its beautiful, glistening tiled roof.

Like most European cities, Vienna has its share of palaces, from the centrally located Hofburg to the spacious Schonbrunn, surrounded by the three-quarter mile Schonbrunn Park.

Vienna's parks, also, make it a special place. The Augarten is filled with beautiful flowers while the Stadtpark is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon listening to a concert.

If you prefer water to parks, Vienna has that, too. The Danube runs through Vienna from northwest to southeast for 15 miles. It is almost 900 feet wide and there are many beautiful places to rest and relax along the long stretch of the Danube, as it flows through the heart of Vienna.

The places in Vienna that are featured in this section of the site are:

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