Claire J Rottenberg

My name is Claire Rottenberg and I'm a retired writer, editor, blogger, and educator. This website page is the gateway to some of the websites I've created for my hobbies and interests.

My Baseball Sites

I love baseball and I have three sites filled with information on all of the major league teams and current players and players in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I also have a blog with major league baseball news items.

Baseball 2015
Baseball Teams
Hall of Fame
Baseball News

My Technology Sites

I've been using Mac computers and iPods and iPads for years and I'm definitely an Apple geek. I have several sites with helpful information for using Mac computers. I also have a blog with reviews of some of my favorite iPad apps.

Mac Games
Mac Tutorials
Mac Automator
iPad Apps Blog

My Musicals Sites

I grew up in New York City and my parents started taking me to Broadway and movie musicals when I was six or seven years old. I fell in love with musicals and I have never stopped loving them. I created a website filled with information on my favorite movie musicals and I have a blog on Broadway and movie musicals.

Movie Musicals
Musicals Blog

My Travels Site

I've traveled on three continents and I've created a site filled with photos and information on my favorite places.

World Travels

Social Networking

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