David Peralta, Outfield, Arizona Diamondbacks, #6

Date of Birth: 8/14/1987
Birthplace: Carabobo, Venezuela

David Peralta, outfielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks, was first signed by the St. Louis Cardinals in September, 2004. He played in the Cardinals' minor league system from 2006 through 2007. They released him in May, 2009. He returned to the minor leagues as an independent player in 2011 and he continued in that position until he was signed by the Diamondbacks in July, 2013.

In 2013, Peralta continued to play in the minor leagues for the Diamondbacks. In 347 games in his minor league career, he had impressive statistics, with 454 hits, 106 doubles, 277 RBIs, and a .347 batting average.

Peralta joined the Diamondbacks for 88 games in 2014. He finished the season with 94 hits, 60 strikeouts to 16 walks, and a .286 batting average.

In 2015, his first full season in the major leagues, Peralta batted .312 with 144 hits, 26 doubles, 17 home runs, and 78 RBIs in 149 games. As a left fielder, he made 211 putouts and 2 errors in 124 games and he had a .991 fielding percentage.

Peralta had season ending wrist surgery on August 11, 2016. He played in just 48 games with the Diamondbacks in 2016.

Peralta had a good 2017 season, batting .293 in 140 games with the Diamondbacks. He had career highs in hits with 154 and doubles with 31. He also had 14 home runs, 57 RBIs, and 94 strikeouts to 43 walks. Defensively, he played 50 games in left field and 78 games in right field. In 18 at-bats in 4 games in the postseason, he had 4 hits and he struck out once and walked once.

Career batting statistics for Peralta through 2017 include:

  • 425 games played
  • 435 hits
  • 78 doubles
  • 186 RBIs
  • 303 strikeouts to 111 walks
  • .293 batting average

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