Mat Latos, Pitcher

Date of Birth: 12/9/1987
Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia
College: Broward Community College

Mat Latos, pitcher, was first drafted by the San Diego Padres in June, 2006, but he didn't sign with them until the following May. He played in the Padres' minor league system from 2007 through part of 2009.

Latos joined the Padres for 10 games in 2009. He finished the season with a 4-5 record and a 4.62 ERA. The following season was a strong one for Latos. In 2010, he pitched 184.2 innings in 31 games and he had a career high 189 strikeouts (to 50 walks), a 14-10 record, and a career low ERA of 2.92.

In December, 2011, Latos was traded to the Cincinnati Reds. He had a 14-4 record and a 3.48 ERA in his first season with the Reds. In 2013, he pitched a career high 210.2 innings in 32 games and he finished with 187 strikeouts to 58 walks, a 14-7 record, and a 3.16 ERA. He spent a significant part of the 2014 season on the DL, finishing with a 5-5 record, 74 strikeouts to 26 walks, and a 3.25 ERA in 102.1 innings in 16 games.

On December 11, 2014, Latos was traded to the Miami Marlins. He was traded again on July 30, 2015, in a trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was released by the Dodgers on September 25th and he was signed three days later by the Los Angeles Angels. He finished the season with a 4-10 record, 100 strikeouts to 32 walks, and a 4.95 ERA in 16 games with the Marlins, 6 games with the Dodgers, and 2 games with the Angels.

Latos signed a one-year, $3 million contract with the Chicago White Sox on February 9, 2016. He was designated for assignment on June 9, 2016, and released on June 17th. He signed with the Washington Nationals on June 29th. He finished the 2016 season with a 4.89 ERA, 7 wins to 3 losses, and 42 strikeouts to 30 walks in 11 games with the White Sox and 6 games with the Nationals.

Latos became a free agent on November 3, 2016. He signed a minor league contract with the Toronto Blue Jays on February 15, 2017. He was designated for assignment on May 5th and released on May 30th. He pitched just 15.0 innings in 3 games with the Blue Jays.

Statistics for Latos in nine seasons (2009-2017) in the major leagues include:

  • 4 seasons with over 30 games, with a high of 33 in 2012
  • 2 seasons with over 200 innings pitched, with a high of 210.2 in 2013
  • 4 seasons with over 150 strikeouts, with a high of 189 in 2010

Career pitching statistics for Latos through 2017 include:

  • 197 games played
  • 1,153.1 innings pitched
  • 71-59 win-loss record
  • 1,011 strikeouts to 353 walks
  • 3.64 ERA

Personal Life

Latos and his wife Dallas were married in 2010. They have one son.

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