Tom Koehler, Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers

Date of Birth: 6/29/1986
Birthplace: Bronx, New York
College: Stony Brook University

Tom Koehler, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was drafted by the Miami Marlins in 2008. He played in the minor leagues through 2012, joining the Marlins for eight games that year. He ended his minor league career with a 54-33 win-loss record and a 3.71 ERA.

In 2013, his first full season in the major leagues, Koehler pitched 143.0 innings in 29 games and he finished the season with a 5-10 record and a 4.41 ERA. He finished the 2014 season with a 10-10 record, 153 strikeouts to 71 walks, and a 3.81 ERA in 191.1 innings in 32 games.

Koehler pitched in 32 games with the Marlins in 2015. He finished the season with an 11-14 record, 137 strikeouts to 77 walks, and a 4.08 ERA in 187.1 innings.

In 2016, Koehler had a 4.33 ERA in 33 games. He had 9 wins to 13 losses and 147 strikeouts to 83 walks in 176.2 innings.

The Marlins traded Koehler to the Toronto Blue Jays on August 19, 2017. He finished the 2017 season with a 6.69 ERA in 13 games as a starter (primarily with the Marlins) and 14 games as a relief pitcher (with the Blue Jays). He had 1 win and 7 losses and 62 strikeouts to 35 walks in 72.2 innings.

Koehler became a free agent on December 1, 2017. He signed with the Dodgers on December 20, 2017.

Career pitching statistics for Koehler through 2017 include:

  • 161 games played
  • 784.1 innings pitched
  • 36-55 win-loss record
  • 604 strikeouts to 322 walks
  • 4.39 ERA

Charitable Work

Kohler sponsors Tom's Pitch for Relief fund which aids victims of Hurricane Sandy. In December, 2012, they raised $3,000.

Personal Life

Koehler and his wife Ashley were married on November 10, 2012.

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