Alec Asher, Relief Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles, #49

Date of Birth: 10/4/1991
Birthplace: Lakeland, Florida
College: Santa Fe Community College, Polk Community College
Current Salary: $496, 910
Nickname: The Big Cat

Alec Asher, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, had Tommy John surgery at the age of just 14. Several years later, in 2010, he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants. However, he wasn't signed by them after a bone spur was discovered during a physical examination. Two years later, he was drafted by the Texas Rangers. He pitched in the Rangers' minor league system from 2012 through half of 2015.

The Rangers traded Asher to the Philadelphia Phillies on July 31, 2015. He pitched in seven games as a starting pitcher with the Phillies that season. He finished with a 9.31 ERA, no wins to 6 losses, and 16 strikeouts to 10 walks in 29.0 innings.

Asher received an 80-game suspension for the use of PEDs in June, 2016. He finished the 2016 season with a 2.28 ERA, 2 wins and 1 loss, and 13 strikeouts to 4 walks in 27.2 innings in 5 games as a starting pitcher with the Phillies.

Asher was traded to the Orioles on March 28, 2017.

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