J.C. Ramirez, Relief Pitcher, Los Angeles Angels, #66

Date of Birth: 8/16/1988
Birthplace: Managua, Nicaragua
Current Salary: $550,000

J.C. Ramirez, relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, was first signed by the Seattle Mariners in July, 2005. He played in the Mariners' minor league system for four years before being traded to the Philadelphia Phillies on December 16, 2009. He then continued in the minors for two more seasons.

Ramirez pitched in 18 games with the Phillies in 2013. He had a 7.50 ERA in 24.0 innings. That year, he also played in 34 games in the minors.

Ramirez became a free agent on October 17, 2013. A few weeks later, on November 1st, he signed with the Cleveland Indians. He spent the 2014 season in the minors.

After becoming a free agent again on November 4, 2014, Ramirez signed a minor league contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks a month later. He stayed with the Diamondbacks for a little over half a season, returning to the Mariners in a trade on July 27, 2015. He played in 12 games with the Diamondbacks and 8 games with the Mariners and he finished the 2015 season with a 5.32 ERA in 23.2 innings. He also pitched 43.0 innings in 37 games in the minors.

Ramirez became a free agent after the 2015 season and he signed a minor league contract with the Cincinnati Reds on November 25, 2015. He was claimed off waivers by the Angels on June 26, 2016. He finished the 2016 season with 3 wins to 4 losses, 2 saves, 59 strikeouts to 22 walks, and a 4.35 ERA in 78.2 innings in 27 games with the Reds and 43 games with the Angels.

Career pitching statistics for Ramirez through 2016 include:

  • 108 games played
  • 126.1 innings pitched
  • 4-7 win-loss record
  • 91 strikeouts to 48 walks
  • 5.13 ERA

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