Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Songs

Composer: Gene DePaul & Saul Chaplin

Lyricist: Johnny Mercer


The songs in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" are not very memorable and none of them ever became popular hits.

When You're in Love

Milly and Adam express their love for each other and they express how it feels "When You're in Love."

Bless Your Beautiful Hide

Adam describes the woman he is looking for as a wife as he sings, "Bless Your Beautiful Hide."

Wonderful, Wonderful Day

Milly speaks of her happiness in marrying Adam by describing the day as a "Wonderful, Wonderful Day."

Goin' Courtin'

Milly teaches the Pontipee brothers how they should act when "Goin' Courtin'."

Lonesome Polecat

The Pontipee brothers yearn for the women they want and each one feels like a "Lonesome Polecat" without his woman.

Sobbin' Women

Adam tells his brothers the story of the "Sobbin' Women."

June Bride

Spring, Spring, Spring