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Dunrobin Castle, a Picture of Camelot

Dunrobin Castle is located one mile north of the small Scottish town of Golspie. It is the most northerly castle in Scotland.

I took these pictures in June, 2001 on my trip to the Highlands of Scotland. The trip to Dunrobin Castle was magical and I felt like I was in Camelot in the days of King Arthur. I walked through an enchanted forest to reach the castle, and when I arrived, I was greeted by a young boy playing bagpipes. A truly magical Scottish experience!

Dunrobin Castle is located just outside of Golspie, Scotland. Golspie is a quiet, little town by the North Sea. There isn't much to see in Golspie except for the beach and a tiny Biblical Garden.
Biblical garden in Golspie, Scotland
Biblical garden in Golspie

Dunrobin castle dates back to the 13th century, although not in its present form. It has belonged to the Dukes and Earls of Sutherland since approximately 1235. Part of the castle from the 1400s still remains, but most of modern day Dunrobin Castle is the work of Sir Charles Barry, architect of the British Houses of Parliament, who remodeled Dunrobin Castle in the mid-1800s. Much of the interior of the castle was destroyed in a fire in 1915 and later restored and remodeled by Sir Robert Lorimer.
Dunrobin Castle, Scotland
Dunrobin Castle on a hilltop

Dunrobin Castle, with 189 rooms, is the largest castle in the Scottish Highlands. My favorite room was the children's room, with bright airy windows, looking out at the garden and the sea.
Garden at Dunrobin Castle, Scotland
Dunrobin Castle gardens

Garden and sea at Dunrobin Castle, Scotland
The sea and gardens behind the castle

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