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Linlithgow is a beautiful, quiet little town, 15 miles west of Edinburgh. I visited the town early on a Sunday morning and met some of the very friendly locals.
Street in Linlithgow, Scotland
Main street in Linlithgow

The oldest sections of Linlithgow date back to the 15th century and some of the buildings still resemble structures from that time period.

Like many Scottish towns, Linlithgow has an old palace. It took almost 200 years to finish building Linlithgow Palace (starting in 1425) and during that time, Mary, Queen of Scots was born there. Part of the palace was destroyed by fire in 1746, during the last Jacobite rebellion.
Road to Linlithgow Palace, Scotland
Road to Linlithgow Palace

Linlithgow Loch is behind the palace and the Sunday morning when I was there in June, 2001, it was populated by beautiful swans.
Linlithgow loch, Scotland

Linlithgow loch, Scotland

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